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Direct solar-to-fuel ‘artificial leaf,’ the ‘Dead’ and the man behind the ‘personalized energy’ concept

By / May 15, 2012

It’s not often that the life and work of someone who labors in the fields of in materials science and chemistry is profiled in a magazine like The New Yorker—better know for its commentary, criticism and cartoons than for a thoughtful discussion of catalysts and silicon coatings—so it was a little startling to see a…

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With leap in catalytic oxygen production, Nocera predicts new era of ‘personalized energy systems’

By / August 23, 2010

Schematic of Daniel Nocera’s personalized energy system. Credit: MIT News Office Daniel Nocera likes it when he is called a revolutionary. “Yes, sure I am!,” he responded when a writer from the Nachricten aus der Chemie journal asked if “revolutionary” is an accurate description of him. To be sure, the journal probably anticipated this response,…

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ARPA-E promotes Nocera’s simple solar-storage concepts

By / March 3, 2010

Also in conjunction with it’s Energy Innovation Summit, ARPA-E is promoting a new, brief video about the photosynthesis/photocatalysis energy storage ideas of MIT’s Daniel Nocera and his company, Sun Catalytix. Nocera has received $4 million form ARPA-E to continue the development of his prototypes. Nocera’s catalyst consists of cobalt metal, phosphate and an anode, placed…

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MIT’s Nocera: Non-Platinum Electrolysis Catalyst Available

By / April 8, 2009

MIT researcher Daniel Nocera explains his apparently successful efforts to cut down on the use of costly platinum now used in catalysts to produce hydrogen.

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Daniel Nocera makes more news with electrolysis gains

By / February 15, 2009

Back in August, we noted the work Daniel Nocera a professor of chemistry at MIT, who is leading has developed an unprecedented electrolysis process that uses the sun’s energy to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen gases. The gases can then be stored and later run through a fuel cell to produce electricity as…

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Catalyst discovery unlocks low-cost solar storage

By / August 18, 2008

MIT researchers have discovered a fairly cheap and easy way to store solar power so it can be utilized when the sun is not shining – a development they claim will make solar power a mainstream energy source within the next decade.

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