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New spray-on rubbery icephobic coating could revolutionize surface deicing

By Stephanie Liverani / April 8, 2016

Researchers at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Mich.) are working on a new durable and inexpensive spray-on, thin, clear, rubbery icephobic coating that can repel ice with ease.

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Greener de-icers and smarter snowplows could equal less bucks for state budgets

By Jessica McMathis / January 8, 2015

To combat the cost of road salt—as well as its impact on our environment—one Washington State University researcher is busy cooking up greener ice-melting materials that use fewer chemicals.

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All clear: Keeping glass free from ice with graphene nanoribbons

By April Gocha / September 22, 2014

Rice University researchers have devised a graphene-laden film that can be applied to glass and plastic to keep their surfaces sans ice, even at frigid temperatures down to –20°C.

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