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Scalable membrane distillation method uses sun’s heat to convert salt water to fresh water

By Faye Oney / June 30, 2017

Rice University researchers have developed an environmentally friendly membrane distillation system that harnesses solar energy for purifying water. The technology could soon be scaled to provide clean water to remote locations, including areas that lack clean water.

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Going green: ACerS member pioneers sustainable approach for high-purity silica production

By April Gocha / January 14, 2016

University of Michigan researcher and ACerS member Richard Laine is pioneering a new approach to reduce, reuse, and recycle—his technique for production of high-purity silica reduces energy consumption while simultaneously utilizing agricultural waste.

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Video: Inexpensive process distills silica compounds from sand, waste

By Jim Destefani / October 2, 2013

Scientists at the University of Michigan have developed an inexpensive distillation process to transform common silica from sand and other materials into chemicals that can be used in fireproofing and waterproofing materials, textiles, and other products.

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From icy water to steam via SiO2/Au nanoshells and carbon nanoparticles

By / November 25, 2012

Researchers create solar steam using nanoparticles at Rice University. Credit: Rice Univ. From Futurity.org: New technology that uses nanoparticles to convert solar energy directly into steam is so effective it even works with icy cold water. The solar steam method has an overall energy efficiency of 24 percent. Photovoltaic solar panels, by comparison, typically have…

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