DOE Basic Science

Energy Frontier Research Centers to showcase work on ‘grand challenges’

By / May 24, 2011

Credit: DOE The next few days should be fun for materials scientists and engineers. Tomorrow (May 25) begins the start of a three-day meeting where participants in the DOE’s 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers will begin the initial reporting-out (at least to the public) about what kind progress they have been able to make. There…

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Midterm elections: AAAS worries about R&D funding; will host webinar on impact of vote on science

By / November 5, 2010

One of the obvious but important topics that comes up following any significant election cycle is, “What, if any, impact will newly elected officials and political leaders have on science and engineering?” AAAS experts are starting to weigh-in on these issues and predict that U.S. R&D funding likely will become a victim of expected cuts in…

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