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‘Power suit’: Clothes that charge electronics could revolutionize consumer tech

By Stephanie Liverani / March 29, 2016

While gadgets that boost smartphone battery life help widen the gap between power cord wall sits, it’s not a solution to total wireless recharging on the go. But thanks to materials science, our power chargers for smartphones and other wearable tech might be sewn right into our pants someday.

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Two-dimensional MXene carbides pack four times more lithium

By Eileen De Guire / May 7, 2013

Hydroxyl terminated MXene Ti3C2 with monolayers of hydrazine molecules between the MXene layers. Credit: Vadym Mochalin, Drexel University. The cover story of the April issue of the ACerS Bulletin described the interesting family of carbides and nitrides known as the MAX phases. Their name refers to their composition, where M is a transition metal, A…

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Eileen’s five fave CTT posts in 2012 (and her liberal interpretation of the number five)

By Eileen De Guire / December 31, 2012

Background image: Molten glass. Credit: Michael Germann; Dreamstime.com. Peter and I thought it would be fun to share our five favorite posts from 2012. Finding that choosing only five was nigh impossible, I decided to sort my picks into three categories, which instantly grew my budget to 15 stories! External forces Advances in science and…

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Useful metrics for comparing new energy storage technologies

By Eileen De Guire / March 29, 2012

A typical mid-size family sedan carries a 200 hp engine. How meaningful is that metric for modern, non-agrarian drivers? Similarly, old ways of measuring battery utility might not be all that useful for comparing new energy storage technologies. Credit: Marchal: Wikipedia. I drive a 2005 Chevy Malibu LS, as do many thousands of other people.…

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