Reduce carbon emissions from cement production—and make other useful products in the process

By Lisa McDonald / November 5, 2019

To reduce carbon emissions from cement manufacturing, emission-heavy steps of the process can be replaced with alternative techniques. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology experimented with using electrolysis to create cement and found that in addition to reducing carbon emissions, byproducts from the process can be reused.

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Splitting water to bottle the sun: Storing solar energy from perovskite-powered photolysis

By April Gocha / October 21, 2014

By combining a pair of perovskite solar cells with an electrolyzer, a team of researchers at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne has figured out how to split hydrogen from water and store it using solely the sun’s energy.

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With leap in catalytic oxygen production, Nocera predicts new era of ‘personalized energy systems’

By / August 23, 2010

Schematic of Daniel Nocera’s personalized energy system. Credit: MIT News Office Daniel Nocera likes it when he is called a revolutionary. “Yes, sure I am!,” he responded when a writer from the Nachricten aus der Chemie journal asked if “revolutionary” is an accurate description of him. To be sure, the journal probably anticipated this response,…

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No mistake at the lake: Cleveland transit bus to run on Erie’s water

By RussJordan / May 20, 2009

    Have you heard the joke about running a bus with water from Lake Erie? Well, it’s no laughing matter these days. In fact, it’s scheduled to happen about a year from now. NASA’s Glenn Research Center actually plans to pump water from the Cleveland shore of Lake Erie and harvest its hydrogen to…

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