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With $6M in hand, NSF and EPRI soliciting novel R&D proposals to cut water use at power plants

By Eileen De Guire / May 26, 2013

Some power generation cooling towers are immense. Credit: Nick Smith/Wikipedia Commons/Creative Commons Did you know that two-fifths of the freshwater uptake and 3 percent of actual freshwater consumption in the United States is by power generation facilities? I am not surprised the amount is big, but I didn’t know it was that big. So it…

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NIST releases some details and timing on grid standards

By / April 21, 2009

Apropos to the announcement about DOE moving forward with funding for Smart Grid projects, NIST has unveiled a three-step approach for developing standards for such a grid. Although the DOE is the main organizer and funding source for grid-related projects, NIST has been charged with shepherding the standards that will underpin the next-generation national power…

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