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One flash spark plasma sintering to rule them all: Technique can densify most materials in mere seconds

By April Gocha / December 8, 2017

Researchers at San Diego State University have developed a flash spark plasma sintering technique that can densify all kinds of materials, regardless of their electrical conductivity, in a matter of just seconds.

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Flash spark plasma sintering: Harnessing thermal runaway to densify silicon carbide in seconds

By April Gocha / October 11, 2016

Researchers at San Diego State University now report that they have developed an ultra-rapid method of flash spark plasma sintering, called flash hot pressing, that can really quickly densify even hard-to-deform materials such as silicon carbide.

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“The Magic of Ceramics,” plus new books on glass ceramics, composites and Ceramic Transactions volumes ready for shipping

By Eileen De Guire / October 17, 2012

If you describe yourself as a ceramic engineer or ceramic scientist, you are willing to be different, and you probably have had the experience of explaining to lay folk (like family) how the things you work on are different from the ceramic stuff the average person uses—whitewares, dishes, flower pots, etc. However, as we know,…

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NSF to fund $12M for first ‘designing materials’ DMREF awards in support of MGI

By / October 12, 2012

In support of the federal Materials Genome Initiative, the NSF has just announced the first projects to receive funding awards under a new “materials by design” initiative, which goes by the formal name of Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future. The agency says these initial DMREF awards total $12 million and are earmarked for…

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Previews of the latest articles in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society

By / March 15, 2012

New papers that have been accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society are posted to “Early View” on the Wiley website and can be read even before the issue is printed. Below are summaries of selected papers currently available via Early View. All members of The American Ceramic Society receive free online…

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Modeling sintering without constitutive equations

By Eileen De Guire / February 15, 2012

Schematics of  linking of macroscopic and mesoscopic structure levels in the direct multi-scale modeling approach, which eliminates the use of constitutive equations. Credit: JACerS; Wiley. Sintering is among the most fundamental and important processes applied to ceramic materials. In its essentials, it is simple: It’s densification by heating. The details, however, are complicated, and modeling…

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