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exploding battery

1-D gets easy: Simple technique effortlessly converts bulk materials into oxide nanowires

By April Gocha / January 26, 2017

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have devised a technique to transform bulk materials into oxide nanowires at room temperature and pressure, without the use of catalysts, toxic chemicals, or expensive processes.

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Say sayonara to exploding batteries—LLZO ceramic thin films offer hope for safer, thinner all-solid state lithium-ions

By April Gocha / October 14, 2016

Researchers at the University of Michigan have devised a technique using mass-producible methods to fabricate thin films of LLZO ceramic, which could help improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries.

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Video: Lithium-ion hacks to keep your smartphone battery charged and explosion-free

By April Gocha / September 14, 2016

A new Reactions video from the American Chemical Society explains the science behind exploding lithium-ion batteries, in addition to three hacks to keep lithium-ions lasting longer.

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