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Friday physics fun: The charm and beauty of temps in the trillions and the Big Bang

By Eileen De Guire / August 24, 2012

Fermilab physicist explains particle physics concepts using water as an example. Credit: YouTube. “That sounds like a job for a refractory,” I thought to myself when I came across the phys.org headline, “CERN physicists break record for hottest manmade material.” Not really, it turns out. The temperatures are too high—about 10 trillion °F (5.5 trillion…

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Monday materials mind candy: funky49 visits Fermilab

By / January 18, 2010

Rap and science unite once again! Nerdcore superstar explores the facility and entertains the staff at the famous federal lab in Batavia, Ill. He gets the tunes rolling once he can lure the “protons” and “p-bars” away from the back bar. (Do all the DOE labs have bars???)

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