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Strain relaxation in epitaxial thin film cobaltite by ferromagnetic ordering

By Eileen De Guire / September 21, 2012

Schematic illustration of a regular atomic array of ferromagnetic nano-domains formed by an unconventional strain relaxation in epitaxial thin film lanthanum cobaltite. Credit: Lee; ORNL. Bulk and “unbulk” materials behave very differently, which has led to some useful applications and a lot of very interesting research. As characterization tools improve and as our understanding of…

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Skyrmions—magnetic bubbles that may be useful places to store data

By Eileen De Guire / June 11, 2012

Magnetic eddies in silicon manganese, so-called skyrmions, form a regular grid. Moving these skyrmions needs 100,000 times smaller currents than existing technologies. But, inquiring minds will ask, what is a skyrmion? Credit: TUM. Part of what I enjoy about my job is coming across cool words that come with cool science, like skyrmion and helimagnet.…

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