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E-glass fiberglass flywheels for low cost energy storage

By Eileen De Guire / April 15, 2013

E-glass—already a workhorse reinforcement for fiberglass composites used for everything from shower doors to printed circuit board platforms to boats to storage tanks, and more—may turn out to be the material of choice for a high-tech energy storage system. Efficient conversion of alternative energy sources, such as wind or solar, is one piece of the…

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Lux Research weighs in on off-grid storage, non-platinum catalyst solutions

By / July 7, 2011

A backup power fuel cell for telecom applications. Credit: Kathy Fosberg; Wikipedia. Lux Research continues to track materials and tech prospects as closely as anyone I know, and two recent reports show they still don’t shy away from touting the apparent winners and losers in many advanced materials and energy-related markets, including many out-of-the spotlight…

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