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Ceramic and glass materials prove Einstein was right, help detect gravitational waves in breakthrough discovery

By April Gocha / February 12, 2016

It seems rather fitting that 100 years after Albert Einstein published the general theory of relativity, we now have proof of what we knew all along: Al was right—spacetime is officially rippling.

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Silicon oxides enable advances in digital memory storage at Rice U. and Hitachi

By / October 4, 2012

(a) Schematic of the unipolar switching in SiOx, showing the typical set (red) and reset (blue) I-V curves (9). (b) Schematic of the SiOx thin-walled structure for in situ TEM imaging. The switching region in SiOx is localized by the nanogap generated in the α-C layer and imaged by TEM. (c) and (d) Schematics of…

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