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DOE announces $3 million for geothermal energy R&D, rare-earth element supply

By Jessica McMathis / February 19, 2014

The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced $3 million to research and development of low-to-moderate-temperature geothermal resources in the United States, as well as to support domestic supply of “critical materials.”

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New National Academies report on induced earthquakes from fracking, CO2 sequestration and geothermal energy

By Eileen De Guire / June 21, 2012

Hydraulic fracturing extracts methane from deep wells in shale deposits. A new National Academies study considers whether the technology induces local earthquakes. Credit: Wikimedia. A new study by the National Academies examines the risk of induced earthquakes caused by hydraulic fracturing and other underground energy technologies, such as carbon dioxide capture and sequestration, geothermal energy…

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$70M available from DOE for cost-cutting geothermal tech proposals

By / June 9, 2011

DOE artist concept of enhanced geothermal system. Source: EERE/DOE. The Department of Energy just announced that it has $70 million to spend on proposals for technology advancements that can accelerate geothermal energy development. The new monies come will be available through a new competitive funding initiative that falls under its Geothermal Technologies Program. The new funding…

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NREL’s State of the State report: How green is your state?

By / November 30, 2009

Last month, the National Renewable Energy Lab released their State of the State report – a 231 page document (PDF) that tracks the progress of renewable energy development, as well as the policies and support mechanisms being implemented to encourage this development. The exhaustive report provides a detailed picture of the status of renewable energy…

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