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Ceramic and glass business news of the week

By Faye Oney / December 14, 2018

Lucideon to hold refractories training at Ceramics Expo 2019, Ford unveils advanced manufacturing center, and more ceramic and glass business news of the week for December 14, 2018.

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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

By / April 27, 2012

Here is what we are hearing: Coca-Cola’s American Canyon facility to introduce five natural gas hydrogen fuel cells on Earth Day Coca-Cola celebrates Earth Day with a ceremonial “green ribbon-cutting” to unveil the installation of five natural gas hydrogen fuel-cell servers at its beverage production facility in American Canyon, Calif. The Coca-Cola Company is a…

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / August 25, 2011

Check ’em out: Powerful DOE-developed X-ray technology helps develop promising new drug treatment for melanoma UK study shows radical response to volatile material prices Ford, Toyota announce telematics, hybrid collaboration New computer chip modeled on a living brain can learn and remember 7 ways to give solar market a big bounce Commission approved Apple’s plans…

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Back from the Future: Update on Apple and ASM HQ buildings

By Eileen De Guire / August 24, 2011

Open vistas characterize the just-renovated headquarters of ASM International in Novelty, Ohio. The glass-sheathed, semicircular building was built in 1959. Apple proposes to build a much larger circular, glass-sheathed building to house 13,000 employees at its Cupertino, Calif. campus. Credit: ASM International In mid-June we reported on Apple’s plans to build a new donut-shape headquarters…

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Curved glass panels to give new Apple HQ its donut-shape

By Eileen De Guire / June 16, 2011

ASM International’s iconic headquarters. Apple plans to build a new headquarters with similar features: circular footprint, glass exterior and courtyard garden. Credit: ASM International. Last week Steve Jobs presented Apple’s plans for a proposed new headquarters to be located on a former Hewlett-Packard site in Cupertino, Calif. at its city council meeting. Apple has patched…

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Chicago’s Willis Tower: Postcards from The Ledge

By / March 17, 2010

I wrote about The Ledge in the Chicago’s Willis Tower when it first opened, and some of the science and technology that makes it possible. Now, I’ve been advised by my youngest daughter and her fianceé that while I am visiting this weekend they want an engagement photo to be taken of them in one…

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