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When graphene sheets fight back . . .

By / April 15, 2011

Credit: WaterTiger Talk about smart materials, we’ve been getting reports from various labs that researchers turn their back for just a moment . . . and this is what happens!

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Graphene defect may change the face of electronics

By / April 1, 2010

According to the National Science Foundation, a team of researchers, lead by University of South Florida professors Matthias Batzill and Ivan Oleynik, has developed a new method for adding an extended defect to graphene that may prove to be the solution to a growing challenge in the development of future electronic devices. Their discovery was…

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New ‘domains’ for nano electronics

By / February 9, 2009

Researchers say that logic and memory functions of future electronic devices could shrink an order of magnitude (one or two nanometers, instead of tens of nanometers) if they can control domain walls, the transition zones in a material that separate regions of different magnetic, electric or other properties. And, by “control,” the researchers remarkably mean…

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