green roofs

Cool roofs reign in warm-weather climates, but which roof performs best in the cold?

By Jessica McMathis / April 16, 2015

We’ve been told which kinds of roofs (green, white, and otherwise) perform best in warm climates and are most cost-effective, but which roof performs best in cold climates?

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Cool roofs in not-so-cool China equal energy, emissions savings

By Jessica McMathis / September 29, 2014

Scientists from the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory have previously established that cool roofs are the most cost-effective option for your pocketbook. Now, a group from the lab, working with Chinese researchers, has shown that the use of light-colored roofs in China would “substantially” reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in regions where summer temps soar.

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New York: Concrete jungle where self-sufficient dreams are made of green roofs, streets that become gardens

By Jessica McMathis / May 14, 2014

What would New York City (home to some of the world’s tallest and newest skyscrapers) look like if its steely skyline was suddenly green?

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Research shows effectiveness of adaptive technologies rests on season, geography

By Jessica McMathis / April 1, 2014

Research by a team at Arizona State University (ASU) indicates that both season and geography are critical in determining the effectiveness of adaptive technologies.

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Black, white, and “green” – when it comes to the most cost-effective roof, what’s it all mean?

By Jessica McMathis / February 7, 2014

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab have found that in comparing the economic costs and benefits of three different roof types—black, white, and “green” (vegetated)—white roofs are the most cost-effective.

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