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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

By / December 6, 2012

Here is what we are hearing: APC publishes free piezo calculator iPhone, iPad app APC International Inc. has announced the release of its APCPiezoCalc iPhone and iPad app. The app is an interactive mobile application that allows the user to easily calculate the frequency constant, resonance frequency, capacitance, dielectric constant, static displacement and static voltage…

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PowerPoint slides that deliver the juice to energy presentations

By / September 16, 2010

Credit: NRDC. A few weeks ago, GreenTechMedia put together a list (15 PowerPoint slides that shook the Earth) of what they thought were the most significant energy-related PowerPoint slides. They were collected from a number of sources, but author Eric Wesoff realized that while attending many presentations by researchers, DOE officials, venture capital groups, etc.,…

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Polysilicon spot-market prices drop; indicator of long-term trend?

By / December 3, 2009

Via Greentech Media, a recent report indicates that there has been a dramatic fall off in the spot market price of polysilicon, a development that may help continue to lower the price of solar panels. First, it can’t be emphasized enough that spot market pricing is much different than typical production-volume pricing. The spot market…

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