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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By April Gocha / January 27, 2016

Lehigh awarded anti-thermal materials grant, photochemistry from quantum dots, and other materials stories that may be of interest for January 27, 2016.

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Sun and science: ACerS EMA 2015 starts with a buzz, and we have the photos to prove it

By April Gocha / January 23, 2015

April reports from ACerS Electronic Materials and Applications 2015 meeting happening this week in Orlando, Fl. Couldn’t make it? Click through for her recap (with photos!) from the first half of the conference.

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Forget Louie the Lightning Bug (just this once)—Electronics and water make the perfect pair at EMA’15

By April Gocha / June 10, 2014

While it’s generally not a good idea to keep electronics away from water, there’s an exception to every rule. In this case, it’s water and electronics, which will mix surprisingly well next January 21–23 at Electronic Materials and Applications 2015 in SeaWorld Orlando, Fla.

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Access open to JACerS’ article on ceramic grand challenges; new workshop will explore multidisciplinary aspects of ‘materials by design’

By Eileen De Guire / January 8, 2013

Ceramic researchers at a workshop last March to identify the grand challenges of ceramic science. Their findings were published in an open access article in the December 2012 JACerS. Credit: ACerS. The featured and free-of-charge paper in the December issue of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society is the promised report from the NSF-funded…

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Video: Grand challenges in ceramic science—Preliminary findings from workshop

By Eileen De Guire / May 16, 2012

[flash mode=1 f={image=}] Greg Rohrer talks about the goals, process and findings of a recent workshop organized to identify the scientific grand challenges and emerging research areas relating to ceramic materials. Credit: ACerS. What are the big questions that ceramic materials can answer? In March a group of about 35 ceramic scientists gathered for…

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What are the ‘Grand Challenges’ for ceramic research?

By Eileen De Guire / March 20, 2012

Mario Affatigato from Coe College identified the interaction between glass and living matter as a grand challenge that can be addressed by the glass and ceramics research community. Credit: ACerS. What are the next “grand challenges” for ceramic materials research? What emerging research areas should the ceramic materials research community make its priority? What are…

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Materials Football Game of the Week: Case Western Reserve at Carnegie Mellon

By Eileen De Guire / November 11, 2011

The GameCase Western Reserve University at Carnegie Mellon UniversityNov. 12, 2:000 p.m., ET These two look-alike schools will meet for the 41st time on Saturday. Since 1986, this game has been known as the Academic Bowl, to acknowledge that these institutions are among the nation’s top research and scholastic institutions, and that these scholar-athletes compete…

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