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A little dither here …

By / July 13, 2011

… and a little dither there, and pretty soon your whole electrical infrastructure is fried. Unless you believe in the grid fairies, strategic investments will have to be made and are politically smart (if you want your nation to continue to be a world leader).

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Sandia, SunPower to cooperate on PV-to-grid modeling and tool development

By / July 30, 2010

Sandia National Lab and SunPower Corp. say they have reached a new agreement on research into integrating utility-scale solar energy systems into the national electrical grid. Although a news release about this new cooperative research and development agreement only mentions photovoltaic systems, I have to imagine that might have been a mistake since it would…

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DOE jumps into smart grid tech with $4 billion and a call for standards

By / April 21, 2009

The Obama administration seems to have decided to let others share some of the Department of Energy’s glory and let Vice President Joe Biden and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke make the official announcement that DOE is preparing to release funds to develop the “Smart Grid.” Biden and Locke said the DOE is moving to quickly…

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