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Guinness World Records

Vilas Pol

Video: Watch this professor break world record for assembling periodic table in under nine minutes

By Faye Oney / September 19, 2018

Without looking, do you know where each element lies on the periodic table? A chemical engineering professor just set a Guinness World Record for placing each element in its proper spot on the periodic table. Watch this time-lapse video to see how he did it.

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Video: Scientists break world record with 3-D printed graphene aerogel

By Faye Oney / July 19, 2017

A 3-D printed structure created by a collaboration of engineers attracted the attention of Guinness World Records. Watch the video to see how the researchers printed the world’s lightest structure made out of 3-D printed graphene aerogel and earned a spot in the 2018 edition.

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Video: Atoms make ‘the world’s smallest stop-motion film’

By Jim Destefani / December 10, 2013

Last spring, scientists at IBM’s Research Laboratories in San Jose, Calif., used a scanning tunneling microscope to create what Guinness World Records has certified as “the world’s smallest stop-motion film.”

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