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Mechanism for electric field effects during sintering

By Eileen De Guire / September 15, 2011

The image on the left is 3Y-TZP sintered at 1,500°C. The image on the right is of 3Y-TZP, which had a 60 Hertz AC electric field applied to it followed by sintering at 1,250°C. Credit: Hans Conrad, NC State University. Last year we reported on a number of papers that were published in 2010 on electric…

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Sintering in a flash? Researchers show its possible to do it in seconds with nanograin YSZ, heat and dc electric field

By / October 13, 2010

Talk about tantalizing tidbits of technology! There is a new article available online that reports on research showing that green-density yttrium-stabilized zirconia can be sintered to full density in only a few seconds at 850°C, when subjected to a dc electrical field above a critical threshold. For a sense of what a radical difference this…

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Electric field yields triple sintering gain: improved ceramic properties, greater speed and lower temps

By / June 1, 2010

Two months ago, I wrote about how North Carolina State University’s Hans Conrad had apparently discovered that sintered ceramic materials could be deformed and shaped by applying an electric field. According to Conrad, the field interacts with the charges at the grain boundaries and make it easier for the crystals to slide against each other…

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Will DC electric fields transform ceramics shaping, manufacturing?

By / April 7, 2010

According to a paper just published in Philosophy Magazine, researchers at North Carolina State University, who have been playing around with how ceramic materials behave in the presence of DC electric fields, apparently think they may have discovered an approach that could “revolutionize” ceramics manufacturing. At a minimum, they say that using a modest electric…

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