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Multilayered oxide mirror heats up space to help cool buildings

By April Gocha / January 9, 2015

Stanford researchers have developed a multilayered material that reflects visible and infrared light away from buildings, a finding that they hope will someday heat up deep space and cool down rooftops.

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ORNL’s heat transferring graphite foam to be used in LED streetlight applications

By / September 1, 2010

ORNL’s James Klett holds an LED streetlamp. The lamp will use heat sinks of graphite foam(samples in his left hand) to extend the life of the LEDs and cut operating costs. Around 1997, Oak Ridge National Lab’s James Klett and Timothy Burchell discovered how to make graphite foam, a material that had at least one…

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Diamond-copper combo improves heat sink

By / April 8, 2009

Researchers at one of Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute think they have come up with a better material to dissipate heat in electronics, using a material that combines traditional materials like copper with diamond power. A novel material is needed because of the new challenges arising as more and more previously separated electronic units are being combined…

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