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New ceramic–aluminum composite brake rotor developed for mass market

By / January 24, 2012

Nikhil Gupta, associate professor in the Polytechnic Institute of New York University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, is developing a new generation of ceramic brakes to be used in mass-market automobiles. Today’s ceramic brakes are found mostly on race cars, exotic sports cars and motorcycles. Credit: NYU-Poly. Ceramic-containing brake pads and rotors first began to…

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Museum touts transfer of F1 materials to everyday life

By / March 17, 2009

London’s Science Museum has a great new exhibit – Fast Forward: 20 ways F1 is changing our world. The “F1” reference is, of course, to auto racing, which has always been a testing ground of sorts for cutting edge materials and applications. The show has lots of examples of how F1 carbon composites are being…

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