Honda hybrid vehicles

Honda announces large rare earth recycling effort

By / April 23, 2012

Broad schematic of Honda’s new battery recycling system. Credit: Honda. Without indigenous supplies, Japan’s government has been making aggressive moves to establish rare earth recycling programs, and the country’s automotive manufacturers were expected to be among the leaders. Sure enough, one manufacturer has just announced it is nearly ready to launch a large-scale effort to…

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ACEEE: All-gasoline and natural-gas 2011 U.S. vehicles not ceding ‘greenest’ label yet

By / February 20, 2011

Smart ForTwo Cabriolet. Credit: Smart USA Here’s cautionary lesson about the hype around hybrid and all-electric automobiles: A respected nonprofit group dedicated to energy efficiency just released its list of “greenest” cars among the 2011 class and seven of the top 13 rely on piston-driven “conventional” engines. In fact, the top performer on the list…

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