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hybrid inorganic polymer system

Giving an order to hybrid materials

By John Uhlrich / January 5, 2012

A unique method for processing ZnO nanowires and polythiophenes results in a hybrid structure with nanometer scale ordering and a high crystallinity, showing great promis for the future of hybrid photovoltaics. Credit: Advanced Materials; Wiley. Inorganic/organic hybrid materials show great promise for use in photovoltaic devices, where the advantages of both types of materials could…

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Australians ready to market fire-resistant geopolymer

By / June 27, 2009

Australia’s national science agency says it has developed a new, strong fire-blocking material. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization calls the material HIPS (‘hybrid inorganic polymer system’). According to the Melbourne-based CSIRO, construction materials given a coating of HIPS can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C. CSIRO describes HIPS as a geopolymer: It contains an…

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