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Can hydrogen fuel our future? With this ceramic membrane, maybe

By April Gocha / November 21, 2017

A team of scientists from CoorsTek Membrane Sciences, the University of Oslo, and the Institute of Chemical Technology has developed a promising new ceramic membrane that could reduce the cost and enhance the feasibility of hydrogen generation far enough to bring the technology to the forefront of clean energy solutions.

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jet aircraft flying

Patented process produces hydrogen on demand for fuel cell-powered aircraft

By Faye Oney / May 5, 2017

Airlines may soon be “going green.” Researchers at Technion Israel Institute of Technology have patented an eco-friendly process to produce hydrogen on demand and in air, offering up new potential for fuel cell-powered aircraft.

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Call for papers announced for Energy 2012

By / February 28, 2011

Submit your abstracts for Materials Challenges in Alternative & Renewable Energy 2012 by September 19th.

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Jose Zayas Wind Tutorial Speaker at Energy 2010

By / September 18, 2009

Jose Zayas is secured at the Wind Tutorial Speaker at Energy 2010. Zayas is the manager of the Wind Energy Technology Department at Sandia National Laboratories. Learn more about the Energy 2010 meeting or submit your abstract by Monday, September 21.


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