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Flush what you knew about clean energy: Researchers discover new way to use wastewater for power

By Stephanie Liverani / February 23, 2016

Step aside wind and solar power. Researchers at Virginia Tech have discovered a way to maximize the amount of electricity that can be generated from the wastewater we flush down the toilet.

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DOE announces $136M in new funding for advanced hydropower and photovoltaic projects

By / April 6, 2011

Credit: CNSE. DOE Secretary Steven Chu made two major announcements today that indicate the agencies strong and continued support for renewable energy such as advanced hydro and photovoltaic power systems. In the first announcement, Chu and Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar indicate that they are soliciting proposals for over $26 million which will…

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NREL’s State of the State report: How green is your state?

By / November 30, 2009

Last month, the National Renewable Energy Lab released their State of the State report – a 231 page document (PDF) that tracks the progress of renewable energy development, as well as the policies and support mechanisms being implemented to encourage this development. The exhaustive report provides a detailed picture of the status of renewable energy…

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