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ACerS and Wiley offering free access to journal articles with Earth Day theme

By Faye Oney / April 26, 2018

ACerS and Wiley are offering access to Earth Day-themed journal articles that were published in ACerS three journals. Through June 30, you can get free access to more than 30 articles spread throughout ACerS Division pages.

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Wiley identifies top downloaded ACerS journal articles

By Jonathon Foreman / February 27, 2018

ACerS publishing partner Wiley has identified the top downloaded articles from 2016–2017 for each ACerS journal. Many articles are open access, and others will be free-to-read until March 31.

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Updated metrics highlight ACerS journals’ impact in ceramic and glass materials

By April Gocha / June 24, 2016

Each year, Thomson Reuters releases the latest rankings of metrics for a slew of journals in its Journal Citation Reports—see how ACerS journals stack up with the just-released 2015 metrics.

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ACerS’ journals pack more punch

By / June 26, 2009

Admittedly, we are honking our own horn here, but allow us to brag a little bit about the growing influence of the two peer-reviewed journals of The American Ceramic Society. The new “Impact Factor” numbers are out and the Journal of the American Ceramic Society remains the highest impact journal in the field. The 2008…

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Proposal for new space heat shield

By / June 22, 2009

As NASA and other space agencies send space vehicles on missions that bring them closer and closer to the sun, one problem is finding improved heat shields. Recently, a group from Johns Hopkins University announced it has some innovations to offer for near-solar environments, using a shield with an alumina optical surface. Their research is…

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