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New ceramic scaffold materials promise better bone repair by stimulating the immune system

By April Gocha / August 5, 2016

Researchers at Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pa.), along with collaborators at the University of Sydney in Australia, are looking to the body’s immune system for insight into why some ceramic scaffold materials promote healing better than others.

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UPDATE: Get inked with ceramics—the science behind tattoos

By April Gocha / August 7, 2015

CTT reader Bart Kilinski pointed out that several of the substances listed in the tattoo ink infographic above are indeed toxic substances—particularly cinnabar and cadmium and chrome oxides. “Surely those aren’t used in tattooing,” Kilinski comments.

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Iron oxide nanoparticles drop it like it’s hot—anti-tumor resistance by local hyperthermia

By April Gocha / March 5, 2014

Dartmouth researchers have used mouse models to show that local tumor hyperthermia with iron oxide nanoparticles and an alternating magnetic field can induce a whole-body immune response with cancer-protective effects.

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