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iPhone Corning gorilla glass

Corning’s Gorilla Glass wins one of ACerS’ corporate achievement awards, wide media attention

By / August 2, 2010

Screenshot from video of Gorilla Glass 2M ‘ball drop’ test: 1.18 lb ball, dropped from 1.8 meters at 13.6 mph. Credit: Corning Inc. We’ve written before about the inroads Corning Inc.’s Gorilla Glass is making in consumer electronics. Gorilla Glass has also caught the attention of AP business writer Ben Dobbin as well as ACerS’…

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Ceramic, glass content of Apple next-gen iPhone may be settled today

By / June 7, 2010

Apple’s Steve Jobs is set to officially unveil the new iPhone later today, and one of the continuing mysteries – the advanced ceramic and glass composition of the phone’s case and face – will hopefully be put to rest. Obviously, there is a lot of ceramic content in the electronic innards of the iPhone, but…

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