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Corning debuts Gorilla Glass 2, posts videos on thin glass tech at CES [updated]

By / January 16, 2012

I’ve been following the news coverage of the annual Consumer Electronic Show held last week in Las Vegas, and it appears that a lot of writers were underwhelmed by what they saw. Some items, such as large-format OLED television screens and a slew of “smart” TVs, turned heads, but few observers claim to see any…

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Video of the week: Stronger than steel—the evolution of glass

By / August 16, 2011

Credit: MSNBC; Corning Inc. The video below is a recent production of MSNBC’s Future of Technology series. It covers both familiar ground, such as the glass cubes that project out from Chicago’s Willis (nee Sears) Tower, Apple’s proposed new headquarters and Gorilla Glass, as well as some new territory regarding Corning’s unconfirmed plans to introduce…

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