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Fujitsu demonstrates computational design of carbon nanotube and graphene nanodevice

By Eileen De Guire / August 17, 2011

Carbon nanotube and graphene electrode nanodevice. The electrical properties of a 1,000 atom nanodevice were calculated using first-principles computation methods. Credit: Fujitsu Laboratories press release. A key tenet of the Materials Genome Initiative for Global Competitiveness (pdf) is using computation to reduce the time for materials development by 75%, from 20 years to 5 years.…

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Japanese group ‘prints’ amorphous silicon photovoltaic cell created using silicon inks

By / February 16, 2011

JAIST researchers have developed three types of silicon ink:  aB-doped p-type, an i-type (intrinsic) and a P-doped type.Credit T. Shimoda; JAIST. Typically, photovoltaic units composed of thin-film silicon materials do not involve amorphous or single-crystalline silicon, and making thin-films with poly-silicon is still a frontier field (see previous post). But researchers at the Japan Advanced…

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