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Video of the Week: Making better batteries with metal oxide & graphene composites at PNNL

By / March 9, 2011

This video explains one route researchers at Pacific Northwest National Lab and Princeton are taking to create better materials for batteries: materials that assemble on their own into durable nanocomposites. Details are also provided about surfactants used in conjunction with tin oxide and functionalized graphene. The video features interviews with PNNL researcher Jun Liu and Princeton’s…

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Could Lithium-ion batteries eventually use titanium dioxide?

By / September 29, 2009

I don’t know much about this other than what was posted at PNNL’s website last week, but I hope to see something published on this soon: Researchers would like to develop lithium-ion batteries using titanium dioxide, an inexpensive material. But titanium dioxide on its own doesn’t perform well enough to replace the expensive, rare-earth metals…

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