Kyocera moves quickly to market ‘through-your-head’ speaker system for phones

By / May 22, 2012

Schematic of KDDI–Kyocera’s “speakerless” Smart Sonic Receiver audio system for smartphones. Credit: Kyocera. A few days ago I wrote about the buzz Kyocera is getting because of technology it has been unveiling in prototype KDDI cell phones. The technology transmits sounds through a special ceramic unit that passes vibrations directly from the phone through the…

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Hear through your head: Kyocera demos ceramic transducer-based tissue conduction technology phone

By / May 11, 2012

Credit: Notebooks: YouTube. You don’t have to be a hard head to appreciate this: Kyocera demonstrated this week a new audio technology for cellphones (and likely a wide range of other applications) using a system that is designed to clearly transmit sound waves through tissue and bone. The company has replaced the traditional cell phone speaker with…

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