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Rare earth bets becoming factor in wind turbine direct-drive generator startup investments

By / September 23, 2011

Credit: NREL. About a week ago, Boulder Wind Power, a maker of a direct-drive system with what’s been described as a low-speed permanent magnet generator for utility-scale wind turbines, announced that it had received $35 million in investment venture capital firm NEA and rare-earth producer Molycorp. Molycorp’s involvement, presumably, is based on its insights to rare-earth markets…

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Startup gets funding for two-bladed wind turbine

By / January 7, 2010

According to a press release, the Berkeley-based startup Nordic Windpower expects to change the landscape of wind farms. Within a few years, CEO Tom Carbone says, Californians may expect to see vistas altered by the erection of 300-foot-tall turbines equipped with two enormous blades that rotate more slowly than their three-bladed counterparts. Just one of…

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