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News from the glass and refractory ceramics worlds

By P. Carlo Ratto / December 27, 2012

• Vitro has started the process to recover $1.59 billion damages (PDF) caused by lawsuits filed to put Vitro into involuntary bankruptcy, which were dismissed on appeal. The amount claimed corresponds to 20 percent of the total amount claimed at the time by the so-called vulture funds from each of the companies in those proceedings.…

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News from the glass and refractory worlds

By P. Carlo Ratto / October 7, 2012

• Japanese electronics company Hitachi has unveiled slivers of glass that can store digital information for millions of years. The company said the slivers of quartz glass can endure extreme temperatures and hostile conditions without degrading. • Beroa NovoCos sister company has terminated a joint venture with Sorg. The shareholders of Sorg-Karrena Service GmbH, Lohr am Main,…

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