Liming Dai

‘Power suit’: Clothes that charge electronics could revolutionize consumer tech

By Stephanie Liverani / March 29, 2016

While gadgets that boost smartphone battery life help widen the gap between power cord wall sits, it’s not a solution to total wireless recharging on the go. But thanks to materials science, our power chargers for smartphones and other wearable tech might be sewn right into our pants someday.

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Fuel cells: Will a nanowire net cut catalyst costs?

By / March 25, 2009

One of the big divides the world of proton exchange fuel cell research is between those who are looking for an alternative to platinum (such as the University of Dayton’s Liming Dai) and those who are sticking with a platinum catalyst. The pro-platinum group, populated by realists, are quick to acknowledge that ordinary catalyst systems…

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Making cheaper fuel cells with carbon nanotubes

By / March 2, 2009

A University of Dayton research team – led by Liming Dai, UD’s Wright Brothers Institute endowed chair in nanomaterials – says it has developed a technique that makes carbon nanotubes a cheaper and better fuel cell catalyst than platinum. The Feb. 6th online edition of Science magazine reports on the team’s findings. Since that announcement, interviews with Dai – a…

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