lithium ion manufacturing

Facing diminishing capital, losses and 53% revenue drop, A123 takes lifeline from Chinese auto parts maker

By / August 9, 2012

Most all of us in the ceramics field, to greater and lesser extents, have been rooting for A123 Systems to succeed, so its been painful to see the company in recent months entering what appears to be a death spiral. Yesterday, with the release of A123’s Q2 financial reports and the official announcement of a…

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ORNL, industry to collaborate in lithium-ion research, manufacturing

By / April 20, 2010

Through new collaborations totaling $6.2 million, ORNL will be partnering with industry to overcome challenges facing lithium-ion manufacturing. Partners include A123 Systems, Dow Kokam, Porous Power Technologies and Planar Energy. In each case, industry cost-share exceeds 50 percent of the total project cost. “By leveraging our expertise in materials science and manufacturing, ORNL will assist…

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