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Nanomaterials’ grain boundaries absorb defects, lengthen life of nuclear fuel

By April Gocha / March 17, 2015

New research from a team of scientists at University of California, Davis and Los Alamos National Lab is providing important insight into how nanomaterials behave under irradiation, a finding that may help significantly extend the life of nuclear fuels.

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In-ter-face! Properties of nanocomposite oxide ceramics driven by interface details

By April Gocha / October 7, 2014

Researchers at Los Alamos National Lab have discovered some interesting secrets lying at the interfaces within nanocomposite oxide ceramics—secrets that help open the door to better batteries, fuel cells, nuclear materials, and more.

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Ceramics stare down the barrels of Los Alamos’ guns

By April Gocha / August 27, 2014

Los Alamos National Lab’s gas and powder guns aren’t just for show—they help scientists better understand materials by providing really detailed information about what happens in those materials in response to compression.

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White House announces recent Materials Genome Initiative developments

By / November 15, 2011

The White House’s Cyrus Wadia, speaking above right with Penn State’s Zi-Kui Liu at the recent MS&T’11 meeting, and Tom Kalil revealed several new projects in support of the MGI. The Obama administration is keeping the spotlight on the Materials Genome Initiative it launched earlier this year, and yesterday the Tom Kalil and Cyrus Wadia…

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Video of the Week: Neutron spin echo spectroscopy

By / January 6, 2010

Ferenc Mezei of Los Alamos National Lab presented “Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy: History and Outlook” last November at Oak Ridge National Lab.  Run time: 39 minutes

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Video of the week – LANL’s high-temperature superconducting tape

By / October 7, 2009

Los Alamos National Lab has been working to develop high-volume production processes for making a thin, flexible tape that operates as a superconductor at liquid hydrogen nitrogen temperatures and can carry 3 million amps per cm2. This video crams a lot of information into one brief video, with quick shots of each stage of the…

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