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Sintering spinel: NRL scientists fabricate unique shapes with special ceramic

By April Gocha / May 28, 2015

U.S. Naval Research Lab scientists have perfected a sintering technique that can not only produce harder spinel, but also larger pieces and those with challenging shapes—all thanks to a deconstruction of the science behind the process.

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Companies race to scale up spinel for armor, optical applications

By Jim Destefani / June 14, 2013

Artist’s rendering of the USS Zumwalt in action. First in a new class of Navy destroyers, the Zumwalt will use transparent MgAl2O4 deckhouse windows. Credit: US Navy. Two manufacturers are in a bit of an “arms race” to commercialize aluminum oxynitride and magnesium aluminate transparent polycrystalline cubic spinel for defense and other applications. We did a…

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