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GE expands on thin-film solar, becomes near-term grid parity believer

By / June 1, 2011

CdTe array. Credit: NREL. For the first time that I am aware of, it General Electric seems to have jumped on the Sach’s Law bandwagon and decided that solar power very soon will be competitive with fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources. In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, GE’s global research director, Mark M.…

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Little speaks out on GE’s energy

By / July 22, 2009

MIT’s online Technology Review has posted an interesting interview with Mark Little, GE’s director of research, on a number of energy-related topics. He reveals some interesting thoughts on GE’s plan for building a 350-employee sodium-nickel-chlorine battery manufacturing plant (that hinges on the approval of its request for DOE funding), Smart Grid technology and the company’s…

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