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Fish scales inspire ceramic-plated protective gloves that are puncture-resistant yet flexible

By April Gocha / February 21, 2017

By studying how fish scales deform, interact, and fracture, scientists at McGill University have uncovered mechanisms to translate that flexible strength into principles to engineer puncture-resistant gloves that can maintain dexterity while protecting workers with superior appendage protection.

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New technique captures ultrafast processes like a flip-book

By April Gocha / October 31, 2014

McGill University scientists have devised a complex setup to capture a microscopic glimpse of an ultrafast process—the semiconductor–metal transition in vanadium dioxide.

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Inspired by nacre: 3D laser-engraved glass is 200 times stronger

By April Gocha / February 28, 2014

Scientists at McGill University show that the introduction of microcracks can strengthen glass by mimicking the microstructure of nacre to provide durability and flexibility to an otherwise brittle material.

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By Eileen De Guire / April 9, 2013

MIT researchers improve efficiency of quantum-dot photovoltaic system by adding a forest of nanowires Photovoltaics based on tiny colloidal quantum dots have several potential advantages over other approaches to making solar cells. But there’s a tradeoff in designing such devices because of two contradictory needs for an effective PV: A solar cell’s absorbing layer needs…

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