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Some U.S. battery companies responding to microhybrid demand

By / April 20, 2011

Peugeot 308 e-HDi microhybrid, just put on the European market. Credit: Peugeot. Continuing on the theme of PHEVs versus microhybrid vehicles, it’s interesting to look at what two companies based in the United States are doing right now in regard to getting into the market for microhybrid vehicles. The first example is Axion Power International. I…

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PHEVs? Lux still prefers e-bikes and microhybrid markets

By / April 19, 2011

E-bikes are growing in popularity in China’s urban areas, and many other countries. Credit: Vmenkov, Wikipedia. In contrast to DOE’s continuing efforts to accelerate the use of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, Lux Research still predicts that small-battery applications will power innovation, at least globally, in regard to electricity-enabled vehicles. We noted last year that Lux…

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