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Video: Biodegradable microsensor monitors food for freshness

By Faye Oney / November 8, 2017

Researchers have developed a microsensor that monitors the freshness of foods. It could be used to collect data on food temperatures when connected to the internet. Watch the video to learn more about this microsensor.

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DARPA #2: Agency seeks revolutionary approach for controlling sepsis

By / May 25, 2012

DARPA believes finding a transformational response to sepsis is key to saving warfighter lives. Credit: DARPA. I know from an unfortunate experience with a family member that sepsis is a helluva medical condition that can arise suddenly, cause enormous pain and, if not diagnosed quickly, can bring unexpected death within a day or two. About…

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Sensitive sensor-packed microchip and new analytical model could test 100,000 protein–drug interactions in minutes

By / April 22, 2011

A microchip with a nanosensor array (orange squares) is shown with a different protein (various colors) attached to each sensor. Four proteins of a potential medication (blue Y-shapes), with magnetic nanotags attached (grey spheres), have been added. One medication protein is shown binding with a protein on a nanosensor. Credit: Richard Gaster. Stanford University researchers…

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