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Analysis suggests no short-term supply obstacles for battery materials, although risks persist

By April Gocha / October 20, 2017

According to a new analysis by researchers at MIT, University of California Berkeley, and Rochester Institute of Technology, adequate supply of critical lithium-ion battery materials lithium, cobalt, manganese, graphite, and nickel should not disrupt battery production, at least in the short term.

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What’s really inside your smartphone: A pile of raw minerals and serious social consequences

By April Gocha / August 22, 2017

According to a laboratory compositional analysis, the elemental recipe for a 129-g Apple iPhone includes about 24.1% aluminum, 15.4% carbon, 14.4% iron, and 14.5% oxygen by weight. And altogether, that pile of smartphone powder—ground from a $700 device—has a raw elemental value of about $1.03.

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Aluminum–cerium alloy has potential to jump-start rare-earth production in the US

By April Gocha / June 13, 2016

A team of scientists from Oak Ridge National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and Eck Industries has developed a new super-strong aluminum alloy that incorporates cerium—and it just may be able to restart mining of rare-earth elements in the United States.

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Green mining technique uses photosynthesis to extract semiconductor germanium from soil

By April Gocha / September 30, 2015

Scientists at Germany’s Freiberg University of Mining and Technology have figured out that they don’t have to dig up the earth to extract the semiconductor germanium—they can make plants do the work for them.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By Jim Destefani / August 20, 2013

‘Poisoning’ increases magnesium corrosion resistance Scientists have found a way to dramatically increase the corrosion resistance of magnesium: adding arsenic. The lightest structural metal, magnesium has many potential industrial applications but is limited by poor corrosion resistance. A group of researchers from Australia’s Monash University and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, and the University…

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Large deposit of rare earth neodymium discovered in Brazil

By Eileen De Guire / April 11, 2012

A large, new deposit of neodymium has been discovered in the Brazilian state, Bahia (shown red). Credit: Wikipedia. A story on reports that the Brazilian mining company, World Mineral Resources, has discovered a large reserve of neodymium in the western state of Bahia, Brazil. According to the story, the deposit will yield about 28…

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One step forward, one step back for Molycorp-Hitachi rare earths relationship; Sumitomo deal stalled

By / August 18, 2011

I am still trying to figure out exactly what to make of this: Last week, Molycorp issued its quarterly report to investors, in which it both announced a “master supply agreement” to provide Hitachi with didymium alloy (a neodymium and praseodymium mix) and lanthanum oxide for magnet manufacturing, but also announced it had cut off talks…

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