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Materials stories that may also be of interest

By / March 29, 2011

Check them out: Role of parallel reformable bonds in the self-healing of cross-linked nanogel particles (also, Nanomaterials with give survive) Polyelectrolyte functionalized carbon nanotubes as efficient metal-free electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction (also, Cheap fuel cell catalyst made easy: CWRU researchers aim to cut cost of alternative energy) Iowa State, Ames Lab researcher hunts for green catalysts…

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Industry headlines

By / August 18, 2009

APCI announces US-based electroceramic powder production operation The firm announces the start-up of a U.S.-based ceramic powder manufacturing facility for the production of piezoelectric powders. Hammond Lead Products, a US-based chemical producer centered in Indiana, is working with APCI to match its lead-related materials science technologies with APCI’s array of established high performance lead-zirconate-titanate powders.…

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Aerogel’s potential to mop up oil spills

By / July 7, 2009

Aerogel, sometimes referred to as “frozen smoke,” could one day mop up oil spills and filter wastewater because of its super absorbent, sponge-like qualities. Nanogel, a branded aerogel made of modified, water-repellent silica, soaked up oil faster and in greater quantities than other materials that are typically used in wastewater filtration, according to a study…

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Birdair to show aerogel membrane roofing systems

By / March 24, 2009

Although there is a tendency to associate aerogel with more exotic applications, one of the frustrations has been finding ways to incorporate the temperamental material into common large-scale manufacturing and applications, such as insulation. Some enterprises, however, are plugging away at the problems and are succeeding in making greater use of aerogel. One example is…

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