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Iron oxide nanoparticles drop it like it’s hot—anti-tumor resistance by local hyperthermia

By April Gocha / March 5, 2014

Dartmouth researchers have used mouse models to show that local tumor hyperthermia with iron oxide nanoparticles and an alternating magnetic field can induce a whole-body immune response with cancer-protective effects.

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Biomedical nanoelectronics get a boost from alumina-protected silicon nanowires

By April Gocha / March 2, 2014

Harvard scientists have synthesized alumina shells on silicon nanowires to protect the wires and vastly extend their lives in biomedical nanoelectronics.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / October 30, 2012

This 3D image of a ceramic composite specimen imaged under load at 1,750°C shows the detailed fracture patterns that LBNL researchers are able to view using ALS Beamline 8.3.2. The vertical white lines are the individual silicon carbide fibers in this sample about 500 microns in diameter. Credit: LBNL. When you have some extra time,…

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