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DOE supporting seven SOFC projects aimed at better coal conversion

By / September 4, 2012

Credit: NETL. I flinch when I hear the term “clean coal” because there is more than a little hyperbole imbedded in it. But, cleaner coal seems to me to be a more reasonable goal and I have heard a lot of reasonable presentations on how major strides in that direction could be made, especially ones based…

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Common threads woven through MCARE plenary talks

By / February 28, 2012

Networking opportunities were plentiful at the first full day of the MCARE conference. Credit: ACerS. The first full day of the Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy was dedicated to a range of plenary talks that covered the gamut of potential sources and, of course, the materials challenges each one faced. The sessions were…

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Duke, NETL study CO2 storage impact: Leakage must be reckoned with

By / November 30, 2010

Duke University, in collaboration with the DOE, just completed a study on carbon storage and the impacts of CO2 injection into different geologic formations. The findings were published in the Oct. 26, 2010 edition of Environmental Science & Technology. The report, “Potential Impacts of Leakage from Deep CO2 Geosequestration on Overlying Freshwater Aquifers,” also presented…

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National labs top list of R&D 100 award recipients

By / July 21, 2009

R&D Magazine hosts the R&D 100 Awards, which are presented annually to researchers who have developed the year’s 100 most outstanding advances in applied technologies. ACerS just learned that 49 out of the 100 awards were presented to U.S. national labs. The labs competed in an international pool that included universities, start-ups and large corporations.…

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