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Sintering spinel: NRL scientists fabricate unique shapes with special ceramic

By April Gocha / May 28, 2015

U.S. Naval Research Lab scientists have perfected a sintering technique that can not only produce harder spinel, but also larger pieces and those with challenging shapes—all thanks to a deconstruction of the science behind the process.

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Other materials science stories that may be of interest

By / August 27, 2012

These color-enhanced scanning electron microscope images show nanosheets resembling tiny rose petals. The nanosheets are key components of a new type of biosensor that can detect minute concentrations of glucose in saliva, tears and urine. The technology might eventually help to eliminate or reduce the frequency of using pinpricks for diabetes testing. (See second story…

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Common threads woven through MCARE plenary talks

By / February 28, 2012

Networking opportunities were plentiful at the first full day of the MCARE conference. Credit: ACerS. The first full day of the Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy was dedicated to a range of plenary talks that covered the gamut of potential sources and, of course, the materials challenges each one faced. The sessions were…

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Wednesday materials fun: More jellyfish propulsion

By / October 18, 2011

We featured work before on the Naval Research Labs work with artificial jellyfish for aquatic sensor applications, but this is the first time I have seen the efficiency of jellyfish propulsion applied to flight. A poetic design, huh? For more info, see this Talking Science post, and please, please check out all of design work…

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Researchers achieve ‘printing’ of graphene nanostructures, nanocircuits

By / June 16, 2010

A group of researchers representing several institutions report in Science they have gained new abilities to “print” graphene oxide-based nano-scale replacements for IC wiring and some semiconductor devices using a method that employs an atomic force microscope to act as a printer head do the detailed work of tuning the conductivity of the material in…

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